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Welcome To GreenGuuds

Welcome to GreenGuuds.com! We are The Greenders, founders of the first online eco-marketplace, where you can sell and buy natural and organic cosmetics, eco-friendly and handmade products, organic food and green technology.

At GreenGuuds we aim to help our Planet and promote the importance of using products which are not harmful to the environment, to animals and to our wellbeing.

Our society imposes to live unnaturally, using processed foods, produced by big corporations and unscrupulous producers who trade on our Earth, our animals and, overall, they take advantage from our illness, making a profit at an expense of local economies and producers, small farmers and handcrafters.

GreenGuuds lists natural products made by only using what Mother Nature gives us, with no chemicals and harmful substances.

Green Guuds is not only a markeplace, but a community where to share news, comment the latest of the industry, review and suggest the best organic cosmetics and the most tasteful organic edibles.

Green Guuds wants to become a real movement. A GREEN MOVEMENT! We want to create a community and rise the voices of small producers and of those who wants to protect their health using chemical-free products.

Support our cause and help us spread it all over the world. Let’s work together to make this beautiful world a better place.

Buy organic, buy green! Be green, be happy!

With love,

The Greenders

What Is GreenGuuds

Our goal is to help our Planet and support small producers, hand-crafters, local farmers and all who want to enjoy organic food, natural cosmetics and live a healthier life.

We aim to bring more green worldwide. Help us to make changes happen!

We select only the best organic and natural products at the better price.

Follow us and become a Greender! Join our Green rEVOLution.

What we do

Create awareness of the importance of using organic and sustainable products.
Support small producers and local business
Protect our Planet
Bring green and happiness in your life

Meet Our Founders

Peppe, the BrawnFounder
Peppe is our founder and main developer. He is a tech geek and there’s nothing he can’t do with a computer.
He has strong experience in online marketing and advertising and he likes to roll his sleeves up and make things done.
When he is not geeking with computers and plugins, he loves to repair bikes and give a new life to whatever can be recycled.
His motto is: The limit is in your mind.
Jolie, the BrainFounder
Jolie is co-founder and our marketing nerd. She’s always keeping an eye on the sustainable news and new products.
She is our creative and positive mind. She comes from a long-term experience in the PR beauty industry and event organization.
She loves to help everyone (when we say everyone we mean it literally) and when she is not busy helping others, she does yoga.
Her motto is: It’s nice to be nice!
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